J. A. Stewart can offer a wide variety of services to the
client with woodland that has become too overgrown, dark and unsustainable. Most woodland nowadays has been planted, and because the trees are all of the same age and height, they will all mature at the same time. So unless the area is managed there are no real long term prospects for the woodland.

We can implement a management strategy of thinning,
rotational coppicing and planting. By thinning the taller trees you give them more space to carry on growing whilst allowing more light onto the woodland floor which will encourage flora and fauna to thrive, with coppicing and
planting at the same time we can encourage a long term cycle of the woodland regenerating itself, prolonging its life indefinitely.

The greatest biodiversity in woodland is where two habitats meet. The woodland edge has the most wildlife, so maximizing the perimeter by creating scallops or by felling rides through the woodland, we can create an area greatly beneficial to the environment.


J. A. Stewart tree surgery and woodland management offer a personalised service. Whatever or however you use your woodland we can make it sustainable, productive and beneficial to the environment. Coming from a background in conservation our aim is to increase biodiversity of native species whilst providing the client with the results they expect.

Each woodland is unique, so please contact us either for friendly advice or for a free site survey. We will be more than happy to help.

For friendly advice and a free quotation, please call:


Tel: 01935 83758


Mob: 07791 774096


email: office@j-a-stewart.com




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